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Bendito Resources Inc. is a private mineral resource company formed and led by experienced mining and exploration executives with headquarters in Reno, Nevada, USA and regional offices in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.  The Company fully-owns a portfolio of diversified mineral projects in Mexico, which includes the Alacran and Oposura projects, both of which have previously reported mineral resources.  The Mexican property portfolio comprises the Company’s sole mineral interests.  The Company plans to provide additional information and details on the Mexican project portfolio and Bendito’s business plan soon.

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Bendito Resources was started after the partners of Elim Mining (now known as Arizona Sonoran Copper Company) decided to launch out again to find high-valued metal assets in prolific geologic districts.  The team had been previously successful in achieving several milestones including, but not limited to, the initial acquisition of the Sacaton Mine (later renamed the Cactus Project) and consolidation of a regional land package, mineral resource development with economic studies, and the initiation of key financial partnerships with leading strategic private equity investment groups. This paved the way for re-valuation and a public offering of the company’s shares.


People are our most valued resource. Bendito Resources is an equal opportunity employer that endeavors to be extremely competitive in compensation to attract and retain the best talents. We lead by developing our workforce as a team to meet the ever-changing global trends.


Honesty and integrity. Always. We assume positive intent from each other in the team, respecting everyone’s opinions. We are a family-oriented business that enables a strong work-life balance.


Safety is our culture. It is in our DNA both on and off the job. At Bendito Resources, nothing we do is more fundamental than the health, safety, and well being of our employees, and stakeholders.  A vision where all incidents and work-related health risks are preventable, the “Bendito Way” is a risk managed, value based approach where every person under the care of Bendito Resources is actively engaged in a positive safety journey , fully understands and consistently applies critical controls, must say something if they see something, and has the right to go home happy and healthy.


Leave it better than we found it. Net positive impact informs every decision we make regarding the environment and eco-system of our operations, pursuing policies that are typically above the standard of requirements in the industry. We are proactive in our engagement with regulators and the communities that our activities could potentially impact.


In it for the long haul. Building lasting partnerships through enduring friendships, team Bendito is constantly finding ways to create long term value and improve the quality of life for our neighbors. We believe in operating transparently, keeping an open door, and communicating often with community stakeholders.


To be transparent, ethical, and truthful. This is our commitment to our business partners. Bendito Resources partners with those who share integrity and honesty as their core values. We are always open to questions, clarifications, and conversations. Bendito Resources understands that all transactions must be a positive experience for all parties.


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